Neural Parts: Learning Expressive 3D Shape Abstractions with Invertible Neural Networks
CVPR, 2021
Fast Transformers with Clustered Attention
A. VyasA. KatharopoulosF. Fleuret
NeurIPS, 2020
Transformers are RNNs: Fast Autoregressive Transformers with Linear Attention
ICML, 2020
Processing Megapixel Images with Deep Attention-Sampling Models
A. KatharopoulosF. Fleuret
ICML, 2019
Not All Samples Are Created Equal: Deep Learning with Importance Sampling
A. KatharopoulosF. Fleuret
ICML, 2018
Learning local feature aggregation functions with backpropagation
Fast Supervised LDA for Discovering Micro-Events in Large-Scale Video Datasets
ACMM, 2016


The following is a non-exhaustive list of open source software projects that I started or contribute to. They are at various stages of development and usefulness so tread carefully. Each project may be distributed under different open source license although I prefer highly permissive licenses such as the MIT.

Fast Transformers
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Fast Transformers is a library for efficient transformer implementations for PyTorch with a focus on efficient self-attention.
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simple-3dviz is a lightweight and easy-to-use library that provides an easy interface for visualizing 3D objects with hundreds of thousands of vertices efficiently without the overhead of writing hundreds of lines of code.
Attention Sampling
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Attention sampling allows neural networks to process extremely large images with a complexity decoupled from the size of the images.
Importance Sampling
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Keras Importance Sampling is a library that speeds up neural network training by selecting important examples from the dataset for each iteration.
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LDA++ is a library that allows experimentation with the Latent Dirichlet Allocation topic modeling algorithm and provides relatively fast supervised and unsupervised implementations.
NlpTools (PHP)
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NlpTools is the most comprehensive PHP library for natural language processing. It provides a relatively large collection of algorithms for text classification, clustering, topic modeling, stemming, preprocessing and more.